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Monday, January 5th, 2009

Only having just recovered from eating 3 tons of Elf and Reindeer Pie, washed down with lots of Santas finest Ale, ( which Santa, the tight git, only gave up after we knocked him about a bit, and threatend to use him for firewood ) we return back to our desks ready to do what we do best…

Drink too much.

But seriously, what we’re up to is this…

-  Fixing up some issues with Astro Tripper. These include looking at the difficulty, which some people are finding a bit excessive. The spider boss on level 3 seems to be a sticking point, so we’ll look at doing some easyfication on him.

-  We really want to get Astro Tripper into the US Store. It will get there, but we still dont really know when. We plan to moan about it to whoever will listen at Sony, till it gets done.

-  Working on another little experiment titled Gemini Rings, which is very much in the formative stages right now. It’s not a shooter, although you do shoot stuff kind of… and there’s rings… coloured rings. Its lovely, honest. We’ll bring more on this as soon as we can.

-  We’re also considering adding more challenge games to Astro Tripper. The challenge games have surprised us with their popularity. We thought they would be a small distraction, but it seems you guys enjoy the short sharp loveliness of it, as do we.

Finer details on all of the above asap.

Ta to everybody playing our games, and enjoying them.
Farty noises to the rest!