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Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Below is a link to a pre-release version of Astro Tripper. Anybody with a spare $5 and a joypad can have it. This version has not been extensively tested. By purchasing Astro Tripper you are accepting that the game is in an unfinished state and therefore might not work very well… or maybe not at all on your PC. You also accept that there might be issues with any part of the game or front end. These we hope to iron out during the pre-release testing.

The recommend are a 2ghz CPU with geforce 7900gt or equivalent. You can use keyboard but please dont bother as it is rubbish. An xbox360 controller is the only stick tested. The controls can be reconfigured.


General issues and questions can be bought up in this thread. Anything more complex and we might need some info from you via support at pompomgames dot com.

We appreciate some of you might have wanted the other games. However we might get swamped if all 3 games have problems. So, one at a time. I’m sure you understand. Tough love if you dont!

Hopefully we can get this game running sharply as soon as possible and then we’ll be moving onto a Mutant Storm. Dunno which yet. We’ll flip a coin… or something.


Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Heres the deal with the PC versions of Astro Tripper, Mutant Storm Reloaded and Mutant Storm Empire. They are in essence ready, but severely untested & unoptimized. We don’t have access to the kinds of resources required to do some hardcore testing.

So… we propose doing a pre-release. We put out the pre-release to anyone who’s interested for $5. This will be the full game and should run fine on most PC’s… however with no guarantees regards performance. All takers can help us iron out any final issues, and will get the final version 1 week before it goes on sale proper. The advantages being you will get the game/s ASAP… and you will help us get the games out quicker.

Any takers? If there’s a bit of interest, well get on the case quick-sharp and set up a buy page for all 3 games.

Regards the original Space Tripper and Mutant Storm, we plan to open a vault and make these available there for a small donation or not. We need to speak to a few people first to make sure we can do this but that’s the plan. Stay tuned.