The pre-release of Astro Tripper is now closed and the game is available to buy from the game product page.

Astro Tripper Page

Thanks to all who have taken part in the pre release. We’ll be starting on the Mutant Storm games asap. Watch this space…


  1. escapedturkey says:

    As a beta tester do I have the latest version already or should I re-download a file?

    Thank you. :)

  2. admin says:

    You have the latest version. Thanks for your efforts!

  3. LDK says:

    Hehe, perhaps it would be prudent to re-issue a 1.4 update that installs to the right folder? ;-)

  4. admin says:

    O dear. One million apologies.

    Due to technical errors ( f**k ups ) we wont be able to fix the path Dir till early next week I’m afraid.


  5. Mike says:

    So that means all the pre-release customers already have the full release version?

  6. escapedturkey says:

    Hey Admin,

    Be sure to report this release to

    Let’s hope you see a lot of sales.


  7. Kwyj says:

    OH DAG NABBIT I was going to place the order last night and now it’s too late!

  8. admin says:

    Yes, you have the full version.

    Thanks for that. I’ll chuck em an email now.

    Hehe! I figured there would be some late comers. Sorry!

  9. Chad Cottle says:

    So does ASAP on Mutant Storm Empire mean, like, today? That would be oh so sweet. That’s my vote for the next release.

  10. pompom says:

    a new update…

    with new graphic setting to turn off the full screen glare effect
    (hopefully help the lower spec’ed machines run faster)

    and some other minor fixes

    please note its installing to AstroTripper (no spaces)
    if alls well a v1.5 in bottom right corner of title page

  11. escapedturkey says:

    The patch installs in the wrong place again (as did 1.4). It installs into “AstroTripper” instead of “Astro Tripper” or is my original install messed up? To fix it, I copy and pasted the files.

    It’s really appreciated you guys care about us low-end laptop users. It runs like a dream on my ThinkPad now. :)

  12. LDK says:

    “please note its installing to AstroTripper (no spaces)”

    You have to be kidding, right? right? Miles? wakeywakey?!? :)

  13. escapedturkey says:

    Is my original install messed up? Should it have or not have spaces? :)

  14. Daniel Cassidy says:

    @escapedturkey Mine had no spaces when I first installed it. But I started at 1.2, so maybe 1.0 and/or 1.1 were different.

    However — the update installer lets you change the path to whatever you happen to be using, so why not just do that?

    (it is a bit annoying that it doesn’t check that there’s a valid installation to patch, though).

  15. Hi,
    I don’t know how it happened but this weekend I was playing Astro Tripper v1.5 and after I while I wanted to quit the application but i couldn’t do it. Neither by using the gamepad or keys. This was problem was reported in a past version by “A Spaceinvader”.

    I know that you want us to play the game (and it is fun!!) but sometimes it would be nice to exit the game :P

    It only happened once and I couldn’t reproduce it nor did I know what caused it.

  16. Giuly says:

    Please can you add at the game the control with the mouse ?

  17. RocketMagnet says:

    Just got Astro Tripper for the PS3 as i’ve been buying all the pom pom games since Space Tripper.. so it was an instant purchace when i seen it was by pom pom & bongpig. Anyway I cant see where you can redifine the button layout – when i go into controls under options it simply lists a fixed setup? – not really getting on with the fixed default buttons as filpping and weapon changing are crying out to be on the shoulders for my own personal preference.

    Any chance of a patch fixing this issue on the PS3 or is the PC version defineable without resorting to definable gamepads?

  18. pompom says:

    there may yet be a future patch for the ps3 which will have a control setup page

    how do you see this working? fire on the buttons perhaps?

  19. Giuly says:

    also… but .. if it’s possible control moviments only with mouse

  20. PomPom person says:

    Giuly, we tried very very hard to get the game playable on mouse but I’m afraid it doesn’t work. It’s far too difficult. We would have to re-tune the game to suit the new controls which is too much work for what will essentially equate to a few sales.

  21. nasospakos says:

    Dear PomPom i’m having problems during installation. When the setup reaches the point where SDK should be installed it stops and you can read something about certification limitations, whatever. If you try to run the game afterwards without fully install SDK components it tells you that the ”d3dx9_41.dll” file is missing. Why can’t i install SDK on my PC. Is this the problem after all? All best!

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