Below is a link to a pre-release version of Mutant Storm Empire. Anybody with a spare $5 and a joypad can have it. This version has not been extensively tested. By purchasing Mutant Storm Empire you are accepting that the game is in an unfinished state and therefore might not work very well… or maybe not at all on your PC. You also accept that there might be issues with any part of the game or front end. These we hope to iron out during the pre-release testing.

The recommended specifications are a 2ghz CPU ( single core ) with geforce 7900gt or equivalent. You can use keyboard but please dont bother as it is rubbish. An xbox360 controller is the only stick tested. The controls can be reconfigured.


General issues and questions can be bought up in this thread. Anything more complex and we might need some info from you via support at pompomgames dot com.


  1. Eric says:

    Hi, this game is great.
    Some rare slow downs.
    Keyboard and joypad not responding anymore after each game over, requiring to kill the game with taskmanager. Solved this issue by launching the game in ‘Windows XP compatibility mode’ under Windows 7.

  2. bookwormat says:

    “why did you just repeat what I said?”

    Because I wanted to say the same thing as you did.

  3. James Monkman says:

    I find it a bit concerning that even after posting other news topics, Pom Pom admin hasn’t returned here to discuss what the status is of this game; ie. will a final be released and sold (the same way as Astro Tripper was), and whether or not Mutant Storm Reloaded is next in line…

  4. PomPom person says:

    James, you are right and we apologize. Truth is there are some issues with MSE that we are having difficulty fixing and therefore a bit reluctant to put the game out fully.

    That, and being wrapped up in new projects as we are a bit skint and need to make some money somehow! These PC versions simply dont sell enough for us to make them a high priority.

  5. pompom says:

    saying that – did find time to add individual tally scores on the tally select screens – and maybe fixed the ‘losing control’ when changing resolutions

  6. pompom says:

    you mean we have to buy and install windows 7 !!!

  7. LDK says:

    Game runs perfectly fine on my Windows 7 without fiddling with any compatibility settings.

  8. James Monkman says:

    Hi there admin – apologies for sounding negative in my previous post. I’m sorry to hear that the windows versions aren’t selling very well :( – but then again, I haven’t seen their release posted in many places online so maybe you need some more media coverage? MSE is (IMO) the best PC game you have released to date, and more than worthy of a Steam release. Maybe you should try recontacting Steam, then following up with a call or (proper) mail letter to find out if they are interested (and if not, why not)?

    I fully appreciate that as indie developers you need to get the money coming in, and really, Space Tripper and MSE PC *should* be bringing in a substantial revenue as they are both excellent, current generation HW products. I hope you eventually get the reward you most definitely deserve!

  9. PomPom person says:

    Thanks James for the nice words!

    I’ve already tried the Steam route. They rejected both Tripper and MSE. They didn’t think the games were a good fit for Steam distribution and so turned us down. No idea why. Maybe they are not keen on joypad games?

    I think the main issue is the necessity for a controller/joypad. I cant think if a single PC game that requires a joypad that’s done very well sales wise.

  10. deadkat37 says:

    Bit of a tangent, but I discovered that Space Tripper is being developed for the iPhone by TrueAxis (

    Any idea when it will be released?

  11. FlukeRogi says:

    Shame about Steam rejecting them, and utterly no sense on their part.

    They distribute stuff like Geometry Wars, and that is useless without a joypad, as well as some shooters that don’t even fall into the same class as MSE and ST.

  12. Michael Straight says:

    I’ve played the original Mutant Storm, Geometry Wars, and many other similar games just fine on a keyboard. So maybe if you don’t assume that every PC gamer is the same and sell yourselves short, you might have more luck getting Steam and other outlets to carry your game?

  13. PomPom person says:

    Thing is Michael, the games already support keyboard or mouse anyway! They simply play better with a joypad… no doubt just like GW.

    So, the reason for Steam rejecting us is still a bit of an unknown. I did ask for reasons but got no response.
    Nothing we can do really… apart from beg? … not something I’m very good at!! ;)

  14. Goran Zec says:

    Will Mutant Storm: Empire be coming to Steam? Now that Reloaded is up, it makes no sense that Empire won’t be.

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