Alien Zombie Death – 18th February European Release – Woo!

Joyous news PomPomers… AZD has passed submission and is ready for release. Sony have pencilled us in for the 18th of Feb = a couple of weeks away. European only for now. 2 measly weeks of painful boredom before the orgasm that is killing Alien Zombies.

So, all and everyone, spread the word please! Tell the world and their cat. Press dudes feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer anything or even dance a jig if you want me to, for a little bit of pimping.


4 Responses to “Alien Zombie Death – 18th February European Release – Woo!”

  1. escapedturkey says:

    Any chance of a PC version? :)

  2. PomPom person says:

    Theres a resonable chance of a PC version, yes. IF we do it, it’ll run in a window at native rez. ( 480×272 ) … just to put that bit of information out there from now! :)

  3. NickYdeGozarU says:

    hi just dled azd and i have been playing it on the ps3 and i have noticed that the controls go crazy like its playing by its self as you play, example, i stand still not touching the control pad and it will move sometimes on its own.

  4. PomPom person says:

    The quirky controls on the PS3 are down to the emulation. We fully expect this to be fixed with time, but right now its out of our hands.

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