DEATH by ALIEN ZOMBIE is upon us.

Bathe in the laser death froth of alien sillyness, puny humans.

Thats right. Just about the best thing you can do with £2.50 ( maybe ) is tucked away inside the playstation store waiting for you to shove it up your PSP and destroy the remainder of your week.


Please direct all gushing praise and ego massage here. All other comments, please wait for the “Whats rubbish about AZD” thread that I’m never going to start, ever…

…ok, if you want to moan go ahead, but keep it short!

( If anybody dies as a result of playing AZD, please let us know as it’ll make great press. )

14 Responses to “DEATH by ALIEN ZOMBIE is upon us.”

  1. Orusaka says:

    Let me the first to conratulate you on the release, and furthermore on easily having made one of the top tier minis. I’ll admit, I had to pirate it to make sure, as unfortunately, 90% of the minis are pure crap, but I had high hopes for this one given your previous games, and you have not dissapointed. Going to buy next time I turn on my ps3.

  2. darko says:

    this game is one of the best that ive ever played ( and im 27 :) )!!! bravo!

  3. PomPom person says:

    Thanks chaps. Glad you like it!

    @Orusaka.. piracy is bad dude… theres all kinds of risks. The coastguard for a start. Then you have to worry about walking planks and shit. Hell, your right hand man is likely to scalp you in your sleep… although burying treasure sounds fun…

    Our first online review is in:-

  4. Orusaka says:

    @PomPom Person:
    Well, in my defence I have now bought it like I said I would. I don’t feel too bad about using piracy to test games that don’t have other ways for me to try them. For the minis it’s a must, unfortunately, as you would not believe how much crap is on there, some of it even selling for twice what you guys are charging. Games that might have been fair-priced on the Iphone for half a pound or whatnot, but when they’re selling for 4 on the psn store, is nothing short of highway robbery.

    You guys, however, actually managed to make something that truly suits portability, and are selling it for a very fair price. I’m impressed, and you join the ranks of the 4-5 good minis.

  5. PomPom person says:

    Im not attacking you at all dude. No need for any defence. I have about as much interest in discussing software piracy as I do in a root canal treatment! All I care about is that you liked it. Thanks. :)

  6. Orusaka says:

    @PomPom Person:
    Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t feel attacked, and you’re right, software piracy isn’t a very interesting topic for discussion. The sorry state of the overall minis library might be, though.

    Either way, I don’t think you should be so quick to dismiss root canal treatment. So many exciting things about it. Does the tooth have the “hidden” fourth canal, or only the three, and will your dentist find it, or will s/he have to redo the thing a year down the line when you discover s/he failed to find the fourth canal, or when it inevitably cracks from esentially being hollow. With all that excitement it’s almost a shame you don’t have them more often, really, come to think of it.

  7. Chad Cottle says:

    Oh dudes! Europe only? What about us PomPom loving dudes in the states? I’m the reigning champion of Mutant Storm Empire on Xbox 360 and I’d love to get this sweet thing on my PSP!

    But it’s not in my feeble USA Playstation store. Ugh, what am I to do?

  8. Byron says:

    Nice one dudes. Been looking forward to this one and as soon as the wife is done watching olympics I am onto the store and buying it. Any chance of *ahem* an iPhone version since you have an engine that works on it ;)

  9. PomPom person says:

    US version on the way. 2-3 weeks is best case scenario. Q2 for sure.

    It’s likely they’ll be an iphone version. Dunno regards release. We’ll see what happens with the PSP version first.

  10. fr4nz says:

    WOW… I can’t drop my PSP since I bought AZD … it’s sooo gooood!

    Thank you very much for that game :)

    But if I can suggest something, I whish it had a little bit more stats like :

    - total time played << I really would like to know how much time I've put in this game :D … (well, maybe it's not a good idea after all ….)
    - total alien shooted
    - total death
    - total powerup picked-up

    anyway, congrats for the good job. I hope it sells well so you'll publish other great production like AZD …


  11. A Spaceinvader says:

    From what i seen in the video it reminded me of that old capcom game sonson, but still it’s a great little game and very addictive to boot.

  12. Tota Lee Ha D'accord says:

    Total genius. The best mini in my humble opinion. Great visuals, great audio, berserk right-brain gameplay, cute mechanics, just totally awesome.

    Well done guys and more power to your elbow(s)

  13. Dan says:

    Just wanted to drop by and thank the PomPom guys for another excellent game; I’ve been hooked on this for ages and it really shows what minis are capable of in the hands of talented developers; it’s great to see such strong support for the service. Props to everybody involved!

  14. Cool says:

    I had forgotten all about my PSP until I stumbled across this game a month or so ago. Since then, I have not been able to stop playing! Great game guys, looking forward to more games by your talented crew!!

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