Alien Zombie Death – US Release – 25th March

That’s right ladies and lunatics… We have a date for release over the pond : 25th March.

$3.99 is what it’ll cost you gov’ner.

So, stop all that healthy outdoor activity. Come inside. Draw your curtains. Drink 3 cans of Cola and settle in for some of the nasty-est arcade game play since one of our other games.


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  1. Matthew K says:

    I had the pleasure of picking up this game yesterday. I think it’s absolutely, positively fantastic. Not only one of the best Minis, but perhaps one of the best casual-style video games I’ve played in quite some time. As I described it to a friend, “Elevator Action meets Mario Clash meets Sonson.” Perhaps the comparison is doing the game a disservice; what you’ve created is singularly terrific. Thank you for bringing this gem out West.

  2. Shearie says:

    While I absolutely love this game, there is a huge problem playing this on the PS3. The game will very often activate button presses even though I haven’t press that particular button which is especially annoying when the game randomly decides to jump when I didn’t want to and get me hit. It even happens in the planet select screen where I can press the up button once and it can go crazy and move to several different planets. PLEASE FIX THIS because it severely hurts an otherwise excellent game and I’ll feel like I’ve wasted my money on this if it doesn’t get fixed.

  3. Chad Cottle says:

    Gotta love it! I snagged it from the US store on my PSP and I’ve been inside ever since!

    I’d love an online Leaderboard, though, so I went ahead and created one.

    Get me your scores, ladies and gents, and I’ll update the list. No cheaters, please. If you want to prove it, or at least “verify” your score, send me a photograph of your PSP/Mini showing the score. I’ll mark it on the list.

    Send your scores to

    Leaderboard site is:

  4. Orson Twix says:

    Ok.. I’ve seen the trailers.. read the reviews and posts and I’m ready for this. I’m so damn ready man, I bought a special futuristic suit to play it in and then what do I find? …..No PC version!?

    Please give us poor PC folk some reassurance that one day, we will be able to have a hand in the downfall of the alien undead.

  5. Aron says:

    Not for nothing, but why can’t I find this game on the US Playstation website? As a card-carrying subscriber to the original Space Tripper, I’d gladly buy this for my PSP…if I could actually find it. Am I missing something, here?

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