Alien Zombie Death slimes its way onto the iPhone

Our PSP hit Alien Zombie Death is now available on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/iEverything

Alien Zombie Death iTunes Link

5 Responses to “Alien Zombie Death slimes its way onto the iPhone”

  1. moobaa says:

    Loving this, chaps. Just waiting for PSN to return so I can grab it there, too.

    I’d have preferred it on XBLA, of course, but hey ;)

  2. moobaa says:

    …and with Alien Zombie MEGA Death on its way to the PS3, will more levels be released for the iOS version?

    (Can’t wait for Mega Death, BTW. Does it have Trophy support, or have you focussed on the in-game medals?)

  3. escapedturkey says:

    Any chance of Mutant Storm being put on Iphone? :)

  4. PomPom person says:

    The iOS version will be getting more levels, but no more then the full PSP version.

    Would be nice, but a straight port is not possible. Too much screen space taken up by fingers, leaving not enough space for action. Or at least, action you can see!

  5. PepsiCoder says:

    Love this game, bought this on both ps3 & iPhone. Nearly missed this for iPhone as the main website game icon needs an AppStore logo in bottom right. Love all your games.

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