Alien Zombie Megadeath on PC via Steam – 18th October

We’ve just put the finishing touches to Alien zombie Megadeath on PC and most happy we are with it! The game will be released via Steam at:

We hope to have a local version available soon after, but initially it’ll be exclusive to Steam.

So, PC gamers, stop with the silly mouse nonsense. Shove a MS joypad up yer USB’s and enjoy some outright arcade shooter silliness. You wont regret it!

5 Responses to “Alien Zombie Megadeath on PC via Steam – 18th October”

  1. Great game, great release! :)

    Funny you mention that about the pad, when I started playing the first PC release of Mutant Storm (and other similar games) I didn’t like playing with the pad but now I can’t play this kind of games without it.

  2. escapedturkey says:

    Amazing game for the PC. Glad to see you finally got Steam. Hopefully it will bring you the success you definetly. PomPom makes some of the best arcade games anywhere. :)

  3. escapedturkey says:

    Meant to say … Brings you the success that you definetly deserve . :)

  4. PomPom person says:

    Sorry it took so long to respond chaps. Getting these Steam builds together is taking up all our time.

    Thanks for the nice comments!

  5. Oh yes, I like this a lot.

    OST please as an additional download? ;)

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