Monkey Bump released on iPhone/iPad

PomPom Games are proud to announce thier latest slice of ridiculousness: Monkey Bump. On the iPod Touch/iPhone & iPad

Guide monkey boy up the tree in the never ending quest for more juicy fruit and love struck monkey girls! The more fruit monkey boy eats the higher he can climb… but watch out! The jungle is full of things that like nothing better then getting in monkey boys way: fat coconuts, stingy wasps and bitey spiders! Still, there’s always the flocks of happy birds monkey boy can scare away for entertainment… makes it all worthwhile!

Heres what you get:-
* Nothing complicated. One level. Get as high as you can. Score lots of points. Laugh at anybody whose score is lower than yours
* Fun dynamics. Control monkey using puff explosions to rebound him in desired direction
* Leaderboard and Achievements
* The urge to throw your ipod/iphone/ipad

Thanks for your time

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