Jelly Pops Now on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Lets face it… sometimes, videogames can be a bit weird. For example, who ever thought to mix colour matching with time trial style rally racing? And then to decide it should graphically look like something involing alien pond snakes and cellular life? Makes no sense, right? We at PomPom pride ourselves in making as little sense as possible. Hence our decision to do all the above. The result is JellyPops.

It goes something like this: You control a strange snake creature, which resides in a strange pond in a strange world with some strange rules. The aim is to stay alive as long as possible. Staying alive drains your live force, so Snake needs to collect life force gems to keep it going. With time, life gems become more and more scarce, resulting in a desperate race to reach the next gem before its lights out.

Between Snake and the life force gems are a myriad of other beasties that require special attention. Coloured Jellies which boost your gems value when collected as part of a combo. Teethy fish things that try to blast you with plasma. Spikey rocks and walls. Bouncing spherical cells that can be controlled and used as battering rams. Each level with its own unique mechanics to understand and master.

Features :
- Available for iPad/iPodTouch & iPhone
- Endless survival gameplay
- 8 ponds to traverse
- Fun, slippy slidey racing type gameplay
- Touch & Tilt control options
- Bonus Spirit and Boost unlockables
- Medals awarded for achievements
- Custom music which dynamically chages with gameplay
- Quick playtime. The perfect game for filling 5 minutes.


Heres a video of JellyPops doing its thing:

8 Responses to “Jelly Pops Now on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad”

  1. Chad Cottle says:

    Love it! I’ve purchased all your games for iPhone as well as XBOX. You guys make the best games around.

    I was wondering, pretty please, oh pretty, please, any plans to port Mutant Storm Empire to iPhone or iPad?

  2. PomPom person says:

    Mutant Storm will be getting an iPad release some time this year. We’re are discussing possibilities for getting Reloaded on an iPad3. Empire, however, might not make it. Its pretty intensive graphically. The iPad3 might be able to handle it. We’ll keep you posted.

  3. Chad Cottle says:

    Thanks very much for the iPad update. I guess I’ll be getting an iPad 3 just to keep my leaderboard status.

    I think you guys build your games specifically for me. It doesn’t mean anything that I’ve topped the Mutant Storm Empire leaderboard on XBOX Live, but it’s kinda strange that I am also, as of this writing, top of the leaderboards for Jelly Pops, Alien Zombie Death, and Monkey Bump for iPhone.

    Really? I’m #1 on the leaderboards for 4 of PomPom’s games?

    You guys make the best arcade games ever.

  4. PomPom person says:

    Thanks! Spread the word. We could do with as much publicity as possible. :)

  5. Chad Cottle says:

    I spread the word everywhere I go. I need more competition!

  6. Éloi says:

    Hey you guys I really want to know regarding mutant storm reloaded will it make to the PSN?

    I am a big big fan of your games I have astro tripper, Alien Zombie Megadeath I literally spend hours and hours on Alien Zombie Megadeath I will beat this or next week level 31-alpha, since it took me weeks to adapt to the level, currently 2nd in the world.

    I yesterday killed 10 demons twice so it means I am better at it and will finish it this weekend most probably, the really problem with this one compared to the momma bat level in which you needed to kill 10 is that the enemies multiply faster and faster.

    So yeah this is my last medal I need to get, regarding mutant storm reloaded please tell me if it’s going to be released for the ps3?

    PSN id: elrimen

    I love your work I love shmups I love PomPom

    Keep it up

  7. PomPom person says:

    We wont be releasing wither of the Mutant Strom games on PS3 I’m afraid. As far as consoles go, the games are Xbox exclusives and will likely stay that way.

    Thanks for the nice compliments! We appreciate it. :)

  8. Éloi says:


    Thanks for answering my comment no problem then I will have to get them on steam I finally did and mastered 31-alpha so now I can do most of the times 10 demons 11 and 12 which I finished on 31st march so yes it was epic but I did get all my medals

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