Hello all, and thanks to all those already enjoying thumb blisters.

There seem to be a couple of issues regards the Trophies.

Firstly, the Spidery Point trophy has a slightly misleading description. It should say, ‘Destroy the Spider Boss on Arachnophobia without destroying any of its weapons.’
We will be sure to change this text in the next possible update.

There are also some issues it seems with syncing trophies, which we will look into. 



  1. pompom says:

    It looks like it might take up to 3 days for the trophies to propagate through the system…

  2. ShogunDarius says:

    3 working days? or any 3 days?

    as i just got the last trophy 10 minutes ago and i’d like them to sync. BTW brilliant game.

  3. Dr Salvador says:

    pompom, I guess the 3 days thing is something SCEE told you, it’s probably just a stock reply but I don’t think that’s the cause of the problem here. I think it’s a problem with PSN profile servers. The PSN game GTi Club+ (published by Konami) suffers from the same problem as Astro Tripper, and trophies I won over a week ago in GTi are still not appearing in my profile.

    Strangely, trophies I’ve won in other games over the last week have appeared properly, so it’s not just a case of delayed propagation. I think it looks like the server-side trophy support for Astro Tripper and a few other games is not there. Perhaps if you have SCEE’s ear on this you could explain the problem is only affecting some games and not others?

  4. old dude says:

    THANKS for Astro Tripper, kind of reminds me a bit of Uridium!…. Hope to see more of your games on PSN.

  5. Banachek says:

    I got this game the second it was out, it’s a real good game & a nice set of trophies. And best of all the price is affordable for all, i hope to see more of your games in the near future. Astro Tripper is just awesome.

  6. Carolus-Billius says:

    A most excellent little blaster! It’s been ages since my thumb hurt this much :-)

    I’ve noticed an oddity when when I look at the leaderboards. When I have scored for example 500.000 points, I went to look at where I was on the leaderboards. I saw myself at a certain position, but it always seemed I had scored a lot more than the people right below me; for example, underneath my 500.000 score I saw a set of people having scored 12.000. I thought “what a difference!”, but when I move up on the keypad (to see the scores above me) and I move down again, I will see the scores below me that are much closer to the 500.000 mark.

    So I have the impression that the initial displaying of the leaderboard is correct for the people above me, but the people below me are the wrong people or the wrong scores. If you go up and down the leaderboard does get corrected. I have spotted this issue on the non-friends leaderboards on the Pod Challenge and Cube Challenge.

    But that’s a minor issue (because most of the time you are looking at the guys right above you).

    Many congratulations on an excellent, addictive game with imaginative trophies!

  7. pompom says:

    it could be any 3 days… hopefully by monday… otherwise we’ll be bugging sony

    and likewise with the scores there is a delay before the server does an update – about 15 mins

    and thanks for all the nice comments

  8. Mattias says:

    My trophies won’t sync either. And every single time I open my trophy collection or compare with a friend, it tries to sync again.

  9. HexElf says:

    I’m actually surprised how good this game is considering the price. For the other shooters so far my only real motivation was unlocking trophies but Astro Tripper is actually hard to put down once you start. You really got the “just one more go” drug down there. I love how it’s broken into smaller segments where you have to complete a few levels before you earn a “lifeline” that let’s you start further in.

    Thumbs up!

  10. Barry Scott says:

    Pompom, awesome game, awesome price. Really appreciate that you haven’t been greedy with the price and are seemingly one of the few devs/publishers of downloadable content that realise a decent price means decent sales. Hope it pays off for you, I’ve been spreading the word :D

  11. admin says:

    Thanks to all for the nice comments!

    Hopefully the syncing problem will sort itself out.

    Th leaderboard issue mentioned earlier is probably the tables updating themselves. We would be keen to hear if anybody else has had this problem?


  12. John says:

    Just stopping to say that Astro Tripper was my first game by you fellas, having never played anything before, I went in not knowing what to expect. At first, I was honestly frustrated, but as the time went on and I kept playing, the game grew on it. It really is pure gameplay, and very reminiscient of the old classics I would play on the Amiga. It’s great to see these kind of games have life in a generation that thrives on first-person shooters and RPGs. I’ve almost earned all the trophies too, Wheel Collector in particular gave me a lot of trouble but I managed to get it in the end. Great stuff, guys.

    Is there any chance of you releasing your other titles on the PSN? I’d love to check them out.

  13. GamerJoe says:

    I have the syncing problem,too.
    No trophy shows up at the gamecard!
    After i installed Astrop Tripper, i get an error message every time i try to sync my trophies manually.

    By the way:
    Great, addicting game with a fantastic price!!!

  14. william says:

    We can we expect to see it in the US PSN store? Before Xmas? (hint…hint).
    Let us know.

  15. fr4nz says:

    Sync’ seems to work now.
    I’m really impressed of what you’ve done with this game. So oldskool, so addictive. Thanks for this excellent shooter. I’m lookin forward your next project :)


  16. admin says:

    Thanks for all the comments.
    Still no firm dates regards the US release. We are speaking with them right now about it.

  17. Mcrene says:

    it’s the most difficult trophy of the game :(

  18. Really enjoying Astro Tripper, an absolute bargain.

    I wondered if you can give us some tips on how to get the tanks oppressor trophy?

  19. Ryan says:

    I don’t mean to sound unappreciative but as a pc gamer, I feel kinda abandoned by pompom games. You seem to be really only focused on the consoles nowadays without caring a great deal about your pc fanbase, those that have supported you since the early days of space tripper and the original mutant storm. You are taking far too long to release the games for pc, while the 360 console are receiving the games many months in advance.
    I really have given up on waiting.

  20. admin says:

    Abandoned!? I dont think so. If you PC lot bought more of em’ in the first place we would have happily stayed as PC devs! ;)

    … but seriously, we couldnt make a living selling PC games. If we had not moved to console there would be no PomPom. I think you would understand if you knew just how few games we sold on PC.

  21. Ryan says:

    My apologies, I always thought they would have sold well on PC as they were great games that I wasted no time buying. Good to know you did find success with the consoles and that you are still going to release them on pc for us die-hard fans.

  22. tenkaix says:

    Loving ASTRO TRIPPER, but i was wondering whats the name of the track that plays at the menu.

    if its a custom track do you mind if you e-mail it to me. i would really appreciate it. thanks.

  23. taqili says:

    this game is amazing, great fun and thanks to for reviewing it so I could hear about it! wish you the best of luck getting supported :)

  24. admin says:

    The track played is by an artist goes by the name of Geche. Its not a custom track. We shall speak to him about making the title track available online somehow. Thanks!

    … and thank for the compliments!

  25. dycedargfft says:

    i just beat the game but the leaderboards say i have yet to set a score is there a known issue? also great game ,love mutant storm reloaded too.

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