Here are some screenies of our upcoming masterpiece, Gemini Rings.

Feel free to tell us how lovely they look.

How does it work? Well…it’s not a shoot-em-up. You control a missile/thing. Stuff gets blown up.

to be continued

7 Responses to “A LITTLE PEEK…”

  1. Withnail says:

    Is this going to be on PS3? I think AT made you quite a few fans that would lap this up.

  2. admin says:

    Yep, on PS3 once more.

  3. Dana says:

    Sweet! I’ll buy whatever you guys throw at the PSN, and this looks pretty interesting.

    Can you make a vertically-scrolling shooter next? The only one on there is 1942 and I’m not a 194x fan. :)

  4. Ahiahi says:

    So lovely.

    I hope it’s all about dashing trough things and speed control rather then reflex, fl0w was one of the few that tried this and (imho) failed so it’s all up to you now!

    Dash dash.

  5. admin says:

    I cant say there’s any speed control Ahiahi. And reflexes do play a big part. It’s a game for quick responses just like our shooters. (except there’s no shooting)

  6. Dan says:

    I like the art style for this game, looks awesome and I can’t wait. Your description of the gameplay sounds a bit like the Pacifism mode in Geometry Wars 2, is that accurate?

  7. Janus says:

    It seems very cool, but from what I see, I guess that’s like the “Flow” game… maybe I’m wrong, we’ll need to see it so we can compare them.
    From now on, good luck to you guys every game i’ve played from you it’s really good (i specially liked Space Tripper :D )

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