While busy on various other projects, we decided to take a few weeks out and put together a small game idea for the iPhone. It’s available now on the iTunes App Store. Visit Link to Poppi on iTunes Store to have a look and read some more info.

Heres a Trailer for Poppi:

We are keen to hear what anybody thinks of the game and video. The iPhone platform is a great avenue for experimental gameplay. We hope to be bringing a few more small scale games before the year is out.

Don’t worry, we are still beavering away at Gemini Rings and hope to show some more of that off in the coming few weeks.

12 Responses to “POPPI – NEW IPHONE GAME”

  1. bob says:

    Now I need to consider getting an Iphone.

    Please release the PC versions of the games on the main page. Need my POM POM games PC fix. :)

  2. Amidos says:

    Nice game :) I dlove it :) I will like to see it soon :) for PC as I dont have an iPhone :)

  3. pete says:

    just picked it up. good fun.

    so did you guys learn some objective-c or did you use some other kind of software?

  4. Greylord says:

    Yep, nice game, pity I don’t have/plan to buy an iPhone.

    BTW (and sorry for the offtopic), i have to agree with bob’s comment; please release the PC versions of your games, give us some news about their release, or just remove the “available soon” words from the page.

    It’s been “soon” for ages now!.

  5. Jens Alfke says:

    Poppi is great — it’s fun to play and the aesthetics are just gorgeous. I have a lot of games on my iPhone but most don’t keep my attention for more than a few plays; so far Poppi is escaping that sad fate. More, please =)

  6. Mike says:

    Hi PomPom Games!

    I was greatly impressed with Poppi! It’s a complete sensory joy to play!

    I compose and produce music for animation, games, websites, audiobooks, and iPhone applications. I’ve provided a link to some of my music:


    Are you ever looking for music or sound design?

    I work remotely from my home studio or on location. I am also affiliated and have access to recording studios in a variety of locations.

    Nice job on all your application development so far! I would love to be involved with future projects and updates of current projects.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mike Weiser

    p.s. The popular iPhone application, StickWars, includes my composition for in-game music!

  7. Daniel Cassidy says:

    All these games for platforms I don’t own :( .

    PC versions, please! I desperately want to give you my money!

  8. madstation says:

    Great sound, nice looks and highly addictive(got it a week ago on my iPod Touch). I just wish I could select the Level from which I want to restart since the progression is rather slow in the early levels. That would, for me, add a lot of replay value.

    Nice work guys!

  9. Aaron Batista says:

    Poppi is a really nice game! Great vibe, great physics, clever idea. GREAT price. Some ideas for improvements:
    1) Very little strategy is involved. I’d like to beef that up. One idea is combos. If you carom one ball into another that doesn’t match, but you set off a chain reaction, give bonus points for that.
    2) Another strategy trick: the longer since the last time you touched the screen, the more points scored per burst. Or, the slower they are going at the time of contact, the more points.
    3) What if you could give a ball some “english”, some spin when you hit it. Right now the only way in which the angle of incidence between the ball and the white circle affects things seems to be the speed. What if you could also impart some curvature?
    4) Please use unlockable levels: let us restart where we were last able to get.

  10. admin says:

    Thanks all. There wont be a PC version of Poppi any time soon. The game isnt tuned to mouse control so would need a fair bit of redesign.

    I’ll go over some of the other points briefly…

    Upping the strategy using rebound bonuses etc is something we experimented with but realised that the best way to generate lots of rebounds and combos would be to play badly! It was always in moments of panic where the screen would be a mess that most of the combos would happen. This doesn’t particularly award accurate play.

    Unlocking all the levels to restart from that point would expose the player to all of the waves within a few hours of playing. This is too harsh. Our upcoming 1.1 will have a checkpoint at waves 12 & 26.

    Leaving a bonus to grow the longer you take to hit the screen is a nice idea. If 1.1 performs well and we decide on a 1.2 update, this is something we might consider along with other score bonus ideas we have.

  11. Greylord says:

    We weren’t talking about PC version of Poppi; we were talking about Mutant Storm Empire, Mutant Storm Reloaded and Astro Tripper.

    I want to buy them as soon as you release them for the PC platform, but the wait is killing me! ;)

  12. Chad Cottle says:

    Poppi is fantastic. I’ve played lots of games on my iPod Touch, but you guys nailed the user-interface perfectly. My fingers always get in the way in all the other games. Poppi is certered around a finger press. Very well designed. It’s the best game on iPhone and iPod Touch. The sounds are great, too.

    Leaderboard, leaderboard, leaderboard? Pretty, pretty please? A leaderboard will make it endlessly replayable.

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