Heres the deal with the PC versions of Astro Tripper, Mutant Storm Reloaded and Mutant Storm Empire. They are in essence ready, but severely untested & unoptimized. We don’t have access to the kinds of resources required to do some hardcore testing.

So… we propose doing a pre-release. We put out the pre-release to anyone who’s interested for $5. This will be the full game and should run fine on most PC’s… however with no guarantees regards performance. All takers can help us iron out any final issues, and will get the final version 1 week before it goes on sale proper. The advantages being you will get the game/s ASAP… and you will help us get the games out quicker.

Any takers? If there’s a bit of interest, well get on the case quick-sharp and set up a buy page for all 3 games.

Regards the original Space Tripper and Mutant Storm, we plan to open a vault and make these available there for a small donation or not. We need to speak to a few people first to make sure we can do this but that’s the plan. Stay tuned.


  1. Sounds good. I’m in. Just give me a link for sign-up/purchase.

    Suggestion: Request system specs at sign-up.

    Thank you. :)

  2. Thanks for the update! I’ve been waiting for the new PC releases and I’ll gladly pay for the pre-releases and help you with the testing.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Slacker says:

    You say PC version… is this Windows only, or will there be a Linux version?

  4. admin says:

    Windows only. No Linux or Mac I’m afraid.

  5. TTT says:

    Would we still have to pay for the final version once it’s released? What will the price of the final version be? Will there be any online features in the games?

  6. admin says:

    No, the $5 will cover the cost of the final version and any following updates. We don’t know what the final price will be. At least $5!

    There are no online features with the initial releases except for leaderboards of some kind.

  7. So, how do we sign up for this?

    Just very excited. I love PomPom Games. :)

    I’m running off a Thinkpad T60: 2 gigs ram, Win XP Pro, Core Duo 2 ghz, ATI x1400. I think my system will be good for low-end testing and feedback.

  8. shoutyshortman says:

    crikey is there nothing you pom poms won’t do in your quest to make fun cheap games for these losers… pc users are awful pirates don’t you know- might give you 3.46722 EUR to test em out or perhaps 237.171 rupees but only if you cut your nails.

    love ssm

  9. Joe says:

    You can count me in for buying the pre-releases. I loved the original Mutant Storm and have been dying to play these newer games on my PC. I’m still stuck in the last gen of consoles.

  10. Gandalf42 says:

    Sounds great. Count me in. I’ve got everything from quad core and dual core rigs down to P4 and XP systems. Graphics hardware is a variety of ATI and nVidia with some eccentric cards like Volari v3′s and v8′s :) .

    I’d be happy to put the games through their paces.

  11. Chad Cottle says:

    Yes, I’m in. Please set this up as soon as possible.

  12. Eclipse says:

    I’m in, totally :) for all of your games. I’m also a developer myself so i can help testing for sure.
    Count me in!

  13. Chad Cottle says:

    Additionally, I might be a good tester for Mutant Storm Empire since I currently hold the #1 spot on the XBOX 360 Leaderboard.

  14. TTT says:

    Mount&Blade model, but with an action game. That sounds interesting – I haven’t been able to pick any good cheap games lately so I’d love to spend $5 for what I believe will be a fun experience.

  15. Matzerath says:

    I would be in — I think it’s an excellent experiment!

  16. Pearce Hansen says:

    Count me in, you’ll have my $5

  17. admin says:

    Cool! Lots of keen people. Just what we like to see!

    Regards performance, the games run at 60fps at 1280×720 on our Athlon 4000 with a Geforce 7800GT. Not what I would call high spec. If your specs are at least that ( which i’m sure they all are ) then you should have no problems running the games.

    Once we’ve decided on an online store provider we should be able to deliver the games. Watch this space.

  18. admin says:

    Question : Do you have a joypad/stick/controller? If so, which?

  19. TTT says:

    Xbox 360 Controller for Windows and MM809 Commander Pad (a cheap DualShock-like gamepad) – that’s my Mutant Storm configuration.

  20. Wired Xbox 360 controller for Windows here.

    Have you considered Steam as a distribution format? Or GOG.com is a good one for indie titles — they make it easy to purchase a game from anywhere.

    Is it possible you can add multi CPU core support? I’m sure my system would run it a lot faster (2ghz Core Duo) if the game supported both cores.

    Lastly, just a suggestion, a legacy graphics mode that makes it look like the old versions of Mutant Storm and Space Tripper (if possible) for us low end laptop users.


  21. Gandalf42 says:

    Joypad, HotRod SE and X-Arcade. (Last two assuming I can map controls to keys, of course.)

  22. DanDanger says:

    I would definitely buy the pre-release version of Astro Tripper for $5, sounds like a bargain to me.

  23. RamaBot says:

    Been waiting an age for your latest games.
    Would love to participate in the pre-release stuff.
    Come on!!

  24. fluffy bunny says:

    Three games for the price of one, and final versions before everyone else? Well, duh. :-)

  25. admin says:

    @ fluffy

    err… no. It’s $5 each I’m afraid. Nice try though.

  26. Chad Cottle says:

    I don’t have a controller for my PC yet, but I’ll get one for Mutant Storm Empire on PC since I’m addicted to it on the XBOX 360. I’ll very likely get the 360 controller for the PC.

    I’m so ready to throw my $5 your way, or $10 if you decide you need more.

  27. admin says:

    You can use your 360 controller. I share one between my work PC and my Xbox no problem.

  28. Chad Cottle says:

    Whoa, really? I can just plug my 360 controller into my PC and it’ll work?

    In that case, where’s my beta-release copy of Mutant Storm Empire for PC? I’ve got $5 ready to go!

  29. I’d happily pay $5/$10 for these!

  30. Greylord says:

    Another interested one here.

    I have an X360 Wireless controller with PC adapter and a PS2 controller with USB adapter.

    Will get the three games as soon as I recover from summer holidays expenses XD.

  31. deadkat37 says:

    Definitely interested!

    I have bought everything PomPom have ever released and run Space Tripper & Mutant Storm on a MAME cab running Windows XP x64 – can’t wait to try Mutant Storm Empire!

  32. admin says:

    We have only really tested the games on the xbox controller so they should work on one of those straight out of the e-box. Other controllers might need some re-configuration.

    We will have keyboard/mouse options but the games will play like shit. To be clear, we have no intentions of tuning the games to work well with mouse. In a nutshell, if you don’t have a joypad… don’t bother!

  33. fluffy bunny says:

    admin: so they’re only $5 each when they’re fully finished as well? Because I was planning to buy them all, and to me $15 would be a low price for ONE game. :)

  34. admin says:

    Yes, all 3 pre-releases will be $15 in total and cover all the updates that will take it to the full version as well as future updates. Anybody wanting to buy the game once the test is over will have to pay some other price. Who knows what. Depends on our mood.

  35. brian5470 says:

    yes i would buy the pre-release of astro tripper and maybe the other 2
    also. i bought space tripper a few years ago and loved it. the boxed
    crystal interactive / megaware one.

  36. Awaiting the buy page. :)

  37. namuol says:

    Count me in. :)

  38. A Spaceinvader says:

    Were can i get the astro tripper for download and payment. Loved the original space tripper. Have both mutant storm and empire on the 360, but had mutant storm on the pc first. Why don’t you resell the original space tripper again. This game is just like playing the old game uridium.

  39. LDK says:

    Hell yes! Have been waiting a LONG time for that :-)

  40. GreyLord says:

    @A Spaceinvader

    With all due respect, did you read this thread at all?.

    In the news post admin says “Regards the original Space Tripper and Mutant Storm, we plan to open a vault and make these available there for a small donation or not.” and we have been told that Astro Tripper (and the two later versions of Mutant Storm) are not available to purchase yet, but will be in a cheaper and “unfinished” way soon.

    So your two questions were already answered.

  41. Atomic Skull says:

    I’m in, just give me a way to pay and download.

  42. Kevin says:

    I’m in for sure, loved Mutant Storm.

  43. ]{eyser Soze says:

    You can count me in too.

    PS. Hurry up… please!

  44. Peter South Devon says:

    Have loved “space tripper ever since it came out.
    Cannot play it on my new PC (64 bit) so will be more than happy to buy the next version you call”Astro Tripper”

  45. Charles says:

    yes, please send me link to purchase pre-release PC games!

  46. Tim the hopeful says:

    Got the original Mutant Storm on my PC.

    I’m presuming these new versions still have the 2 player option.

    One regret I have on the original version is the lack of twin mouse support as it meant the second player didn’t have as precise aiming control as the first. I guess this is a PC limitation rather than a Mutant Storm one as DirectX only supports one mouse-type input at a time.

    However it IS possible. The amazing Rag Doll Kung Fu allows ‘Multiple players’ – with the extra ones being USB mice. This is done via “Raw Mouse” and really opens up better control capabilities for games. More details here: http://www.jstookey.com/arcade/rawmouse/

    Mutant storm would DEFINITELY have been better with dual mouse capabilities (one per player) and I reckon the new games would also be enhanced by this capability.

    Of course none of this has anything to do with me wanting to convert my coffee table into a cocktail-style arcade cabinet running Mutant Storm type games ;D (if you could also make it Wine Compatible so I don’t have to shell out ¬£Stupid for another Windows OS I would be extremely grateful)

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