Good news earthlings!

Astro Tripper is being unleashed on the PS3, 11th December for €3.99
This release is european only.

To avoid injury, we have compiled a checklist for a safe and enjoyable experience.

- Start finger weights immediately. Begin with 5kg per finger working your way up to 20kg. If your fingers fall off, then you are simply too weedy for this game. Please play something else… That requires less fingers.
- Purchase suitable eye lid support. Blinking is not recommended.
- Cover your controller in something very absorbent, like sponge or blotting paper. Copious sweating a certainty.
- Make sure you have some bloody money!
- Move bed into living room.

Visit the Playstation Store on the 11th of December for your slice of arcade heaven. We look forward to seeing your puny scores propping up our leaderboards!

19 Responses to “WE HAVE LIFT OFF!”

  1. Jim says:

    Any possibility of seeing this winging its way to XBLA at some point in the future?

  2. admin says:

    We would never say never…
    but there are no plans as yet for an XBLA version.

  3. Kosigan says:

    Definitely a must-buy for me – I’ve had both Mutant Storm and Space Trippers on the PC. What is the UK pricing going to be?

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for the nice words Kosigan. The UK price will be £3.19 far as im aware.

  5. Dan says:

    What? Europe only? :( I played the hell out of the Space Tripper demo on PC way back in the day when I had no money. Now I have money and I can’t buy the new one. Any idea when this will hit the US PSN Marketplace?

  6. admin says:

    It’s in the hands of Sony US as we speak, so it’s really up to them. The moment we have any news, we’ll let you know.

  7. John says:

    i bought this game, it’s great, i problem i got a trophy for this game, it shows up in my trophy collection but not in my gamercard, i think there is a glitch, it keep syncing the trophies all the time, everytime i load up this game it load up trophies all the time. i deleted the game and save file, redownloaded the game, still the same problem, can u see what the problem is

  8. Bilouze says:

    I got issues with this game as well. Yesterday I activated the custom music option but now when I’m in the menu and try to select another playlist or turn off the option, the menu just becomes empty. I can still press X or O and go back to the previous menu though. More annoying, the custom music menu sometimes pops up in the middle of the game ! and it just keeps running, I have to press Start ir order to pause the game and exit the menu for good.

    Also have a problem with trophies, well only 2 of them so far : the Arachnophobia boss and the 3 worms. I did killed the boss and the worms but still ain’t got the trophies. Maybe they can only be earned in Very Hard ?

    Anyway I’m pleased with the game so far but it really needs a patch. Also, customisable controls would be great.

  9. admin says:

    Hi Bilouze.

    We’ll look into the custom music issue.

    Regards the Spidery point Trophy, see the next news post from us.
    As for the Worm trophy, did you kill 3 worms in sequence without destroying anything else? That’s what is required for this trophy.

    Otherwise, glad you like the game!

  10. Bilouze says:

    Yeah I actually saw the news concerning the Spidery point trophy right after my 1st post.. About the Worm Trophy, I didn’t know you had to kill only the worms, in the trophy description it just says kill 3 worms (at least in the french version).

    I just played the game again a litte earlier and the custom music menu was working fine this time.. I guess it’s just a random bug.

  11. pompom says:


    indeed there does seem a ‘slight’ anomaly with custom music
    did you try using xmb to play custom music this is a more stable route?

    also, what kind of layout of buttons would you be looking for

  12. Bilouze says:

    Yeah, it seems to work better when selecting a track/playlist directly via the XMB instead of the custom music menu. No problem so far.

    As for the buttons layout I’d feel more comfortable with fire on R1, weapons on L1 and 180° on X or O since I’m starting to get used to it.

  13. saladeen says:

    Congratulations guys. Absolutely brilliant game. Stupidly good value for only £3.19 and I was playing for hours last night. I would have played longer, but my weedy fingers fell off.

    I hope never to see this game on XBLA. It must stay on PS Store where it belongs.

    The game is so good, I want to buy another copy. When are you going to do some additional content for it? (Listen to me, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I have at the moment…)

    Great PSN game. Well done again guys, hope to see more of your work soon!

  14. Gamer Joe says:

    When i play this game about half an hour my thumb gets tired…
    Couldn’t you impliment an auto-fire option?

  15. Bilouze says:

    I really like the music on the main menu, any chances you would release the mp3 on your website please ?

  16. bob123 says:

    Will all these games get some Linux love?

    Penguin power! :)

  17. admin says:

    Im afraid there will be no linux versions this time around. We are just a couple fo guys, and supporting so many platforms isnt something we can really do anymore… or maybe we are just lazy gits!

    Making the music available is a great idea. Our sound guru already has some tunes online. We’ll chat to him about making the tunes for our games available somehow.


  18. Bilouze says:

    2 things that could improve visibility when the action’s getting really hot, especially in the challenge games :

    .no more text near weapon upgrades and bonus, or at least not for more than 1-2 sec tops. you can see them on the map anyway

    .a different color for the point bonus. they can be hard to spot sometimes in the middle of tanks and choppers shots since both the bonus and the shots are grey. a multi-color/rainbow style bonus for example would be way more easy to see

    Of course that doesn’t keep me from enjoying the game but that would be cool, I guess.

  19. admin says:

    Points taken Bilouze.
    We will reconsider the text on the power ups.
    As for the bonus points, thats a tricky one. We did try all sorts of multicoloured attempts, but the pure white one seemed to stand out the best. Any hint of colour can sometimes hide it depending on the current level, and the colour of the enemies.

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