Below is a link to a pre-release version of Astro Tripper. Anybody with a spare $5 and a joypad can have it. This version has not been extensively tested. By purchasing Astro Tripper you are accepting that the game is in an unfinished state and therefore might not work very well… or maybe not at all on your PC. You also accept that there might be issues with any part of the game or front end. These we hope to iron out during the pre-release testing.

The recommend are a 2ghz CPU with geforce 7900gt or equivalent. You can use keyboard but please dont bother as it is rubbish. An xbox360 controller is the only stick tested. The controls can be reconfigured.


General issues and questions can be bought up in this thread. Anything more complex and we might need some info from you via support at pompomgames dot com.

We appreciate some of you might have wanted the other games. However we might get swamped if all 3 games have problems. So, one at a time. I’m sure you understand. Tough love if you dont!

Hopefully we can get this game running sharply as soon as possible and then we’ll be moving onto a Mutant Storm. Dunno which yet. We’ll flip a coin… or something.

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  1. Daniel Cassidy says:

    By the way: I’m not sure why you said keyboard control was rubbish. I find it highly playable. Also I didn’t need to enable XP Compatibility mode to get the keyboard working; it worked for me without any fuss (except that I had to swap from joypad control to keyboard control in the menus).

  2. pompom says:

    a new update…

    added a particle effects setting – max-med-min

    hopefully fixed problem with fire/return, etc… not working in menu

  3. I love you guys!

    The particle option fixed my slowdowns during explosions!

    In Dreadnoughts I still have lower FPS and I think its due to the high end water textures near the ship. Is there any way to get an option for the water-type textures to be reduced (see games like Red Alert 3). For example, with medium/high water textures in Red Alert 3 my FPS was very low. When I put it at minimum, my FPS went back up again.

    Thank you for considering this. :)

  4. The keyboard problem is fixed here in Vista64. All keys appear to be working nice. I tested the 1.2 in my slower machine but didn’t find any changes worth mentioning. Since escapedturkey had the slowdowns fixed, I’ll try this version this weekend in my slower machine and report the findings. Thank you!

  5. Ricardo, what are the specs of your slower machine? I’m currently using a ThinkPad T60 with 2 ghz Core Duo, 2 gig RAM, ATI X1400.

    I’m curious if you get a drop in FPS in the Dreadnoughts level section (with the ship and water).

  6. obi1 says:

    I’ve got 3 comments for now (just bought it yesterday evening):
    - when you complete a level and press pause it just throws you back into the game and loads the next level
    - don’t know if this is intentional or not, in the first level of the training stage the enemy pods sometime spawn right under my ship and kill me (until now I’ve completed the first 3worlds and haven’t had the problem in any other stage)
    - this probably won’t be changed for the final version, since in my experience it’s got to do with directx, but when playing in window mode aero gets disabled.

    Running on a core2duo 2GHz, 2GB ram, ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 256MB, Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Had no problems with freezing/crashing or the like. Playing in window mode at 1024×768 4xAA, maximum particles.

  7. Just bought this, and its a massive improvement over the original (which I also own) :)

    Only issue I’ve had is that on the Game Over screen it displays the score and asks me to press button A or hit return. I currently do not have a 360 controller, and Return doesn’t seem to work on this screen :(

    Sort out the last few keyboard issues and then *please* release the Mutant Storm update and MS Empires!

  8. (ah whoops – it’s beacause I was playing the game with default settings… after selecting keyboard as control this issue goes away!)

    It seems odd that 99% of keyboard controls work in the game when joypad is selected, but at least I can play it properly now :)

  9. Stalker says:

    Sometimes, randomly the A button on my XBox 360 pad (used on Windows XP with the original MS driver) stops working during the title screen. When that happens, the return button doesn’t work either. The only way to get out of that is to ALT-F4 out of the game and restart it.

  10. escapedturkey: my machine specs are: notebook with 1.8ghz T2400 – 2gb DDR2 and X1600 Mobile.

    Changing the particles to minimum results in a much better experience in this machine. I only noticed slower frame rates when I played in the challenge mode where we have lots of enemies on the screen.

    I also have the same problem as ob1 with the pause at the end of the levels. I don’t know if it’s a design choice but I think the player isn’t expecting the game to start if it says that it is paused. Either the pause message should be removed at this time or it shouldn’t start the game.

  11. pompom says:

    a new update…

    with new graphic setting to turn off reflection maps – hopefully help the lower spec’ed machines run faster

    and some other minor fixes

    to clarify, both keyboard and joypad control should both work on every page and in game without having to change anything, so let us know if this is still not working

  12. escapedturkey says:

    The patch installs to “AstroTripper” vs. “Astro Tripper” folder. Just a heads up. It patches in the wrong location.

  13. escapedturkey says:

    Also, copied over the files from AstroTripper to Astro Tripper. Disabled Reflection Quality and it looks the same and performs the same.

    Thank you. :)

  14. pompom says:

    escapedturkey, are you getting performance on the dreadnought levels?

  15. NeXus says:

    Excellent. I’ll get this when I get a graphics card for my pc (my current one fried itself). Now all we need is a Mac version. Any chance? I’ve got the mac SpaceTripper – it’s a spot on game.

    I’d certainly pay $5 for it. This may sound like a strange thing to say but, I think you should charge more for it, for the final version anyway. You wanna make money don’t you? I’d pay £7.

    One last thing, is there force feedback support for the likes of the XB360 and dualshock 3 PS3 controllers? You could use it for when the player dies or when he destroys a boss or explosions, etc. You’re using the XB360 controller so I guess you’ve already thought about it.

  16. escapedturkey says:

    Seems same. The reflections don’t change when I disable them and the patch installs to the wrong place. :)

  17. Mulky says:

    Performance wise, everything is running fine for me.

    Did have a problem when I first tried to change the keys, it wouldn’t let me and when I tried going back to the previous menu, the menu vanished. This has only happened the once so far, the first time I ran the game.

    I would like to put in a request to be able to bind keys for shoot left and shoot right like in space tripper, I find it much more intuitive then using a flip direction key.

  18. admin says:

    Sorry about the patch install!

    It seems most of the problems are sorted and the game is stable enough to consider it ready.

    The effects used in the water are really quite soft on CPU power. It could well be the case that the battle ships are causing the slowdown due to their pretty high poly count. I suspect we could remove the water completely and it would still slow down. The alien levels use the same shader we use on the water and with more instances of it. Do these levels perform ok?

  19. escapedturkey says:

    Mutant Storm Reloaded is next?

    I didn’t notice any visual difference in the reflections on/off thing. Is it broken?

    The actual game is performing much better with the particles option.

    The game is probably as good as it will perform on my system. I’m lucky it runs at all. :)

    On a side note, for those with laptops, here is something I found out and it makes a huge difference for all games including Astro Tripper:

    I was doing some research and it appears the Windows Power Management (even with AC) had my CPU setting as ‘constant’.

    I changed it to “None” and bam, much faster performance!

    This parameter causes the microprocessor to operate at the highest performance state at all times.
    This parameter causes the microprocessor to operate at the lowest performance state at all times.

    C:\Documents and Settings\me>powercfg.exe /query

    Field Description Value
    —————– —–
    Name ThinkPad
    Numerical ID 29
    Turn off monitor (AC) After 15 mins
    Turn off monitor (DC) After 5 mins
    Turn off hard disks (AC) After 30 mins
    Turn off hard disks (DC) After 5 mins
    System standby (AC) Never
    System standby (DC) Never
    System hibernates (AC) Never
    System hibernates (DC) Never
    Processor Throttle (AC) CONSTANT
    Processor Throttle (DC) ADAPTIVE
    C:\Documents and Settings\me>

    C:\Documents and Settings\me>powercfg /change “Thinkpad” /processor-throttle-ac none

    C:\Documents and Settings\me>powercfg /query Thinkpad

    Field Description Value
    —————– —–
    Name ThinkPad
    Numerical ID 29
    Turn off monitor (AC) After 15 mins
    Turn off monitor (DC) After 5 mins
    Turn off hard disks (AC) After 30 mins
    Turn off hard disks (DC) After 5 mins
    System standby (AC) Never
    System standby (DC) Never
    System hibernates (AC) Never
    System hibernates (DC) Never
    Processor Throttle (AC) NONE
    Processor Throttle (DC) ADAPTIVE

    C:\Documents and Settings\me>

    FPS in many games nearly doubled! :)

  20. escapedturkey says:

    Seems to be working much better. I fixed an issue with my Windows Power settings that was drastically slowing down my computer.

    Game is running great! :)

  21. Toxidragon says:

    Hello Every Body!
    Actually i NEVER tried the game, and i’d like to tell that the very first (but not beta or pre-release) Version of Mutant Storm Was a BLAST!
    i’m enjoying it until the very now :)
    Any Way, i just wanted to say, Specially to escapedturkey, that doubling the system speed and performance (or multiplying it to any rate) is pretty use full for those X-Visualized Games, And Also Specially for those Ultimate Control Games, But At This Rate Your PC/Lap Top is under a High Risk Of Heating up So Quickly (Specially for lap tops) and MAY Cause Some Problems To The Computer, Any way, if it’s the only way to be able to play the game, The Computer Should Have Some Rest From Time To Time (e.g. Every Hour of game play) and should have some thing to make it cool instantly in case that the game is so awesome that you can’t stop playing, Like Those Nowadays Cooling Fans And So On…
    Also, If The Computer is an old computer, Using These Options Will Cause your Computer To Simply KAABOOM! you now what i mean…
    After All, i’d like to say thanks to escapedturkey and your options make my Laptop Running to fast as long as it’s plugged (not to mention that my battery is old and finishes quickly) and as long as it’s cold, i’m lucky i have a huge USB Cooling fan under my Laptop :D
    And i’d like to thank PomPom Games For Their Awesome Efforts :D
    and, i want to ask PomPom Games, how do you Make your Games? do you use unity? please tell me, i’m no game maker and i’m not planning to make games, i just want to know so i boost my programming exp. in future, please mail it to my e-mail :D
    Right know i’d like to say that i’m a flash Expert :) (But i’m nothing to talk about in ActionScript..)
    Thanks After All, To EVERY Body :D

  22. pompom says:

    a new update…

    with new graphic setting to turn off the full screen glare effect
    (hopefully help the lower spec’ed machines run faster)

    and some other minor fixes

    please note its installing to AstroTripper (no spaces)
    if alls well a v1.5 in bottom right corner of title page

  23. nasospakos says:

    i’m having problems with the setup, during SDK installation setup stalls and mentions something about certifications and install limitations, if you try to run the game it will tell you that d3dx9_41.dll file is missing…..

  24. Mouse says:

    Getting pretty strange performance issues with this game. It likes to run in either ~50fps or ~30fps when not displaying menus. Running a 3.45ghz quad core, and this is very much below the performance I would expect.
    Phenom II 945 @ 3.45ghz(230×15)
    DDR3 1600 @ 1540mhz
    GTX460 Hawk

    I can’t think of any reason it would run this bad, and it’s decidedly fishy. In-game settings make no impact at all.

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