There's this evil emperor, see, and … well, he's evil. Now someone has decided to put a stop to the whole evilness thing, and that someone is you. It's the right thing to do! Besides, in Mutant Storm Empire, it'll be fun.

Battle through line after line of the emperor's minion horde, destroying absolutely everything you can! Use your precious Super Weapon to cut through the densest army.


Blast through bunches of robots, crush colonies of aquatic monsters, smash swarms of UFOs, and demolish devastating bosses. It's a continuous adventure through four immense, strikingly vibrant worlds, and you can fight alone or join forces with a friend in two-player cooperative mode. Enjoy the frenzy!

The art of blasting: Practice the way of "Blastikkidoo" or the art of blasting, as you plow through the different worlds in Mutant Storm Empire. This all-new sequel to Mutant Storm Reloaded ratchets up the competitive challenge!


With online leaderboards for overall scores and individual level scores, there's much opportunity for bragging!

Features :

  • 720p HD graphics
  • Vibrant 3D visuals and effects
  • 16 huge levels with unique challanges
  • over 70 different enemies
  • Global Online Leaderboards
  • Local and Live Multiplayer
  • Achievements


Mild Fantasy Violence.

Note that this rating applies to XBOX360® version only.





Mutant Storm Empire is available for download to your XBOX360® via XBOXLIVE® Arcade.


Mutant Storm Reloaded will be available soon to buy online and download to your PC via this website. 

Check out Mutant Storm Empire in action.




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